World Federation for Company Sport


WFCS(世界体育联盟)是志愿性非营利组织;是各国公司运动爱好者展示技能的平台,是为关 注职工运动的各类公司提供运动会的世界组织组织;各级联盟在其所在国家组织开展各类体育活动; 为不同规模、形式的公司提供涵盖了各项在公司 员工热衷进行的体育运动的竞机会。


WFCS在与EFCS(欧洲体育公司联盟)主席Didier Beserve以及亚洲公司运动组织进行几次深入沟通后于2014年6月2日新近成立。



· 组织体育节和比赛,以促进现代人在工作环境中的体育运动,强身健体;
· 强调公司体育的业余精神;
· 通过体育运动的方式带来健康和优秀的工作环境。

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Long-Term Projects


成效的价值建议和专业完善的解决方案。 CSK H作为以上项目的官方合作伙伴,在项目运营,品牌合作,媒体合作及赛事运营中,为合作方提供有效价值建议及合作方案。
CSKH International Training Centre

Happy football, football smart

The SPORT CSKH dedicated to youth football training concept aspires to “play football with happiness and a happy football”.

With the teaching method of “happy football”, we establish a loving relationship between children and football. The purpose of playing football is not just training, but the child like to play soccer and focus more on the formation of the spirit and culture of the sport. Traditional teaching methods take as an example, when coaches require children to run and make forced warm-ups in preparation, it may be archaic because almost no ball is used in most of the process. Instead, teaching methods CSKH propose a series of procedures of various levels with the ball. That is, playing football while practicing, children can not only strengthen the capacity of confrontation and competition, but can also increase their interest in training.

We want to export the concept of “happy football and soccer” to China through the training of trainers in the international center of formation SPORT CSKH, and look forward to more and more children who like football through training coaches skilled that they can combine the Spanish formative elements that are made in China.

Unlike other Western countries regarding physical condition, Chinese and Spanish are the most similar comparing with the rest of Europe. In this sense, CSKH wants to strengthen training with the ball, and the technical knowledge -more force- to play football. At the same time, we teach them to work together, improve the advantages and avoid weaknesses in order to obtain happiness when playing football. Just keep in mind that if we are able to encourage children, get their motivation and their potential.

From the point of view of teaching methods, “happy football” is closer to humanity as it agrees with the growth needs of adolescents and which can further enhance the sense of space, the ability to analysis and decision-making, competition to correct errors and fitness implementation of such solutions. It is very important to break with the rigid and traditional teaching methods in training and avoid repeated mechanized formation. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a training with a more enjoyable and comfortable environment.

We have coaches from different regions and cities of the world, developing different youth formations courses in different physical conditions of each player to set a league or tournament with a set level.