CSKH began to enter the sports industry in 2012 through its involvement in the organization and planning of the Shanghai “flat four & MALBAN” international youth soccer tournament, with great success. We have successfully received executives of the Hangzhou Greentown Group in Spain to inspect the Physical education. We customized plans for the Football Association of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Suning U19 club to train and participate in competitions in Spain which was reported widely by domestic media.

In order to allow more Chinese young people access to the world’s most advanced youth training systems and to cultivate outstanding football talents, CSKH, has worked together with the Spanish Football Federation, local sports departments, and a number of La Liga and Second Division clubs to provide professional services to Chinese people.



We hope that through football and cultural exchanges we can introduce the resources of top European clubs into the country so that more Chinese youths who love football will be benefit and also that we can upgrade domestic football culture to lay a solid foundation for the development of more outstanding elite players.


We hope that both China and Spain can reach a preliminary consensus about adolescent elite training, coach training, events and other brand mergers through training, friendlies, academic exchanges, coach training and other football-related activities resulting in deeper engagement and mutual discussion. CSKH Company is determined to come up with an effective solution for the customer.


CSKH can cooperate with China's two-way communication unit. In China, we can provide the European institutions and clubs access.


· Unique youth training camps; feeling pure sporting spirit
· Colorful events; experience different cultures colliding
· Professional investment advice; major sports brands in the global information network
· Strong teaching background and professional training system
· Rich derivative industries such as clothing, sporting goods, games, network products
· Through systematic training by facilitating access to international coaching badges and Spanish National coaches
· Building a sports platform between China and Spain, such as the integration of various international sports brands with China, growing overseas sports brands in China and importing into China to find a win-win mode
· Creating future international football superstars through systemic training
· One-stop service to undertake the business of the transfer of players and coaches
· Customizing different services to adapt to football, basketball, tennis, golf and other sports
· Providing football immigration services to help those students and parents who intend to develop their football in Spain to join the Spanish football league


Team Structure

Business Scale

With our professional vision and a series of abundant resources, apart from offering the most simple and efficient communication, we organize events with highlights by putting culture and value of sports in our project CSKH, A touch down of professional sports.