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CSKH Youth Football Camp

In CSKH – Camp of Training Youth Football, you can get a wide experience about the culture of sport and knowledge about the Spanish professional sports.

The training course exchange system derives from professional courses known international clubs worldwide. Among them, the training of teams like FC Barcelona, Real Club Deportivo Spanish and EU Futbol Club Mollet, who have an exquisite training for all members and visitors. At the same time, our training modules can also be customized according to this philosophy.

CSKH – Camp Youth Football Training organizes events in Barcelona once a month between June 20 and August 20 (according to customer requests) and these programs last between 7-10 days.

• A merger between football and culture

• From 7 to 10 days of footballing experience in the city of Barcelona

• Five to six days of official training CSKH

• Friendly matches

• Outdoor activities, special weekend

• Close contact with Barcelona Football Club and its facilities (Camp Nou)

• Deep knowledge of Spain

• Experience on sports culture

CSKH Coach Training

我们是西班牙巴萨系统库巴拉基金会的战略合 作伙伴,可以提供巴萨俱乐部和皇马俱乐部等众 多西甲一线教练员去中国和海外培训基地开展 教学,此外,我们公司也是阿根廷马拉多纳团队 的战略合作伙伴,可以为中国和其他地区提供阿 根廷风格的足球训练系统和教员。